Metaphysical Ruminations

I came up with the idea of the title for this page from a few different inspirations. First, let me share a little bit about myself.

I am the sole author of these blog posts. I am a Roman Catholic, active, and very religious person. I have been on a very enriching, winding, spiritual path. I truly believe that God is present in my life, because I see His works in my life everyday.

It is my hope that this site might also help others to see Him in their life.

Recently, I was part of a multi denominational discussion. In that discussion, a Greek Orthodox Priest mentioned that he believes his religion is very Metaphysical in nature. They have a constant look towards the spiritual, supernatural, and transcendental nature of things.

St. Pope John Paul II was also a very spiritually driven Pope. In many of his works he would discuss the spiritual nature of our Catholic Faith and beliefs.

It was through the connection of these two people that led me on a road to learn more about the spiritual nature of my faith. This journey has developed to this moment here, and the source of that part of the title.

Rumination means to ponder, contemplate, or meditate. I think all things spiritual in nature require us to ruminate on them. Rash decisions and judgements at the spur of emotion often do not give us a fair analysis of the thought. When we are faced with something that encourages us to jump into a rash thought, we must stop ourselves and see why this has happened. Often times we have personal, emotional, or other irrational reasons for it. If we ponder the idea and weigh out the good and the bad, we may find our hearts telling us something differently.

All spiritual exercises bring us closer to God.

It is through rash decisions and judgements that we are influenced, or tempted, to stray from our path in life. It is so easy to toss off an idea, because we feel threatened. Sometimes, simply we know in our heart our lives do not reflect the idea, and it becomes a threat to the way we live. That does not make us right, but it should cause us to ruminate.

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